DENİZ YAPI SANAYİ VE TİCARET A.Ş  was founded in 1992 for performing corrosion prevention works.

Our corporation introduced VCI products to Turkey and pioneered in this area. Deyap produces  VCI in its' 3500m2 plant.

Deyap is the first importer and manufacturer of VCI products in Turkey. Deyap started manufactured   VCI paper and VCI PE film  under CORTEC license in house in 1994.

In 1997, manufacturing of laminated products  started. Manufactured products are PYT+AI+PE; net supported PE+Kraft paper; PYT fabric coated kraft paper etc.

In 1997, R& D activities were initiated for the purpose of developing products.

DEYAP started quality studies in 2002 and certified these studies with ISO 9001 quality certificate in 2003.

As the result of R&D study initiated with KOSGEB center of Istanbul Technical University in 2004, 3 layer Coex machinery was commissioned. PE films with expansion up to 8,5 m are manufactured in this machinery.

DEYAP, through advantages provided by being a manufacturer and the manufacturing capacity, timely fulfills requests of customers and manufacture products according to demands of customers.

DEYAP, manufactures VCI Film, PE Film, Shrink Film and bag products that are anti-corrosion packing materials, VCI paper and laminated packing products in its address located at Dilovası – Kocaeli

DEYAP, provides logistics services in the CALI Industrial Zone in order to meet requirements of automobile factories, their sub-industries and other industrial organizations located in Bursa. DEYAP – Bursa logistics warehouse is located in 1000 m2 indoor area, and manufactures dehumidifiers, air bag film, PU foam sectional carrying boxes and operations performed regarding carton-plast plates.  

DEYAP, provides consultancy services to its customers for protection of industrial products from corrosion, corrosion prevention studies during stocking and exports transportation. Accelerated corrosion tests for this purpose are performed in our laboratory.

As the licensee of Cortec company, a world leader in corrosion protection and preservation, all protective packing products manufactured in our  facilities are being used by outomotive plants and OEM’s since 1997.