Deyap offers a full range of VCI Packaging Solutions, some conform to international, government, military, and corporate specifications. VpCI Packaging Solutions offer cost effective, high performance protection of parts, equipment, and structures for short or long-term, in environments from in-plant preservation to aggressive marine environments. VCI Packaging Solutions range from coated papers, impregnated foams, extruded films,cushions, emitter devices, inserts, and custom designed solutions; ensuring ease of integration, simplicity of use, and uncompromised performance.



Deyap VCI papers provide corrosion protection in several different applications including single item packaging, multiple item wrapping for bulk shipments, OEM, and automotive parts packaging for storage and shipping,and sheet liners for product separation. The papers are nitrite free and made from neutral/natural kraft paper that is recyclable and repulpable.



Deyap VCI films will suit all your packaging needs. Films range from general use polyethylene film to shrink wrap, stretchable, or reinforced constructions. All films have excellent clarity. Multifunctional VCI-125 incorporates Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors (VCI), desiccant, and antistatic properties. VCI-126 Blue bags and films provide multimetal corrosion protection for parts of all sizes. Corrlam is a barrier protection film which maintains a vacuum and is excellent for high temperaturesand humidity.



Deyap impregnated foams protect precision machined parts and highly sensitive electronic components. They protect against breakage, surface damage, or scratches.



Deyap devices provide exceptional adsorption and protection for recessed areas. Devices are applicable to virtually any packaging system. They come in pouches, tablets, foams, or emitters.